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Solicitors Handling Child Custody Case in Greater London


Children often become the subject of disputes during divorce and separation. At Oaks Solicitors, we offer representation for private law children proceedings in London and the surrounding area. Our solicitors have extensive experience in all matters surrounding divorce, and we understand the importance of issues involving the children.
London Solicitors for Parental Responsibility, Residence and Other Orders
At Oaks Solicitors we work to achieve the best outcome for both the parents and the children in the following areas:
• Parental responsibility rights: When the parents are not married or a father’s name is not on the child’s birth
certificate, legal action must be taken to obtain parental responsibility rights.



• Residence orders: A residence order determines the child’s living arrangements. It also provides parental responsibility rights to the person or people who hold the order.



• Disclosure orders: Our solicitors can help make an Application for Disclosure of Children’s Whereabouts if a parent has lost contact or needs to establish contact with a child for the first time.



• Contact orders: We help parents apply for direct or indirect contact with their children through in-person visits, letter writing and phone calls.
• Grandparent rights: Our solicitors are skilled in assisting grandparents who wish to assert their rights to access of their grandchildren through contact orders, as well as parental responsibility (custody) orders when the parents are unfit to care for the children.
• Prohibited steps orders: These orders prevent a parent from performing an action. For example, if a mother or father is worried the other parent may attempt to take the child out of the jurisdiction, we will pursue a prohibited steps order.



• Specific issue orders: These orders address specific issues of concern. For example, if a mother changed a child’s surname without permission, the father may submit an application requesting that the child’s name be reverted back to the original surname.
Our family law solicitors have in-depth familiarity with the applications and procedures for all of the above issues whether they are needed in the context of a divorce or at any other time. We can guide you through the process in an efficient, cost-sensitive manner.
Call 0808 129 5753 to schedule a consultation with one of our expert Greater London child custody solicitors. For urgent matters out of hours, please contact us by email for a prompt response.