Conflict between the man and the woman

Divorce Solicitors London

At Oaks Solicitors, we recognize that every family is unique, and every divorce is different. We will work with you to find the best approach to handling your divorce and all of the related issues, including property division, child custody and other important areas.
Upon hiring our firm, we will issue proceedings for the divorce, along with any additional relevant applications, depending on your needs. If you are currently involved in a dispute over property, finances, custody of your children support or any other matter, we will work to find the best way to resolve the issue in the most positive, cost-sensitive and efficient manner. For more information about these and other family law services we can assist you with contact our London-based legal practice today.


London Solicitors Handling Property Division

Our divorce solicitors are experienced in applications dealing with financial remedy. If you believe you are not receiving a fair share of the marital assets, we will send out a pre-action letter to the other party notifying him or her of your intention to seek financial remedy.

Mediation: Reaching an Amicable Agreement

Following the pre-action letter, the parties are obliged to attend mediation in an attempt to come to an agreement on property division.
At Oaks Solicitors we encourage our clients to come to an amicable agreement with their former spouses during mediation. We will help you thoroughly prepare and aggressively negotiate on your behalf.
If mediation is not successful and issues remain in dispute, we will then issue an application for financial remedy.
We will assist you in preparing for your financial dispute resolution (FDR) hearing and encourage you to come to an agreement and settle your issues, rather than drawing out the dispute through costly litigation.

Cost-Sensitive Service

Our solicitors are aware of the cost of divorce proceedings, and we will do everything possible to minimise expenses. We are not legal aid lawyers. If your costs are mounting, we will be forthcoming regarding your options and goals.
Call 0808 129 5753 to schedule a consultation with one of our expert Greater London divorce solicitors. For urgent matters out of hours, please contact us by email for a prompt response.