Employment Rights

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Employment Solicitors Serving Greater London

At Oaks Solicitors, we understand the issues involved in employment law cases, and we know how the tribunals approach these cases. At our London-based legal practice, we encourage our clients to pursue settlement, rather than lengthy, expensive litigation.


London Solicitors Handling Compromise Agreements

Most employment disputes we handle are settled through negotiation, generally by way of a compromise agreement. However, we will not hesitate to appear before the employment tribunals to advocate for you in any of the following areas:
• Dismissal

• Redundancy

• Discrimination

• Harassment
We have extensive experience negotiating fair compromise agreement and severance pay terms for clients after they have been made redundant by their employer.
Our employment solicitors also assist clients with employment contracts, breaches of employment contracts and working time regulations, including maternity leave and flexible work.
We are committed to dealing with our clients’ instructions promptly, efficiently and in a friendly and professional manner. Our solicitors strive to provide the highest level of quality and client satisfaction.
Call 0808 129 5753 to schedule a consultation with an experienced Greater London employment solicitor. For urgent matters out of hours, please contact us by email for a prompt response.