Immigration to U.K

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Experienced U.K. Immigration Solicitors

People from across the globe come to Oaks Solicitors for assistance with immigration to the U.K. One of the largest groups we serve is nationals from Albania and from all over Asia, including India, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka. We also serve clients from Africa, including Gambia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa and Ghana, as well as people from Lebanon, Iran, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), including Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Expertly Serving Clients Across the Globe

At Oaks Solicitors we often undertake international work electronically. However, if requested, we are happy to travel to meet with clients in their home countries. For instance, this includes a pilot program we are starting to assist people in Albania and Zimbabwe Our solicitors will be periodically flying out to help clients complete visa applications and submit them to the Visa Application Centres in Tirana and Harare.
If you have plans to emigrate to the U.K., our expert immigration solicitors can assist you with applying for any visa in an efficient manner, based on extensive experience. Contact us today to learn more about how we can be of assistance to you.

London Solicitors Offering Work Visa Assistance

There are a number of visas available to those wishing to enter the U.K. for business, employment, marriage, education or pleasure. We specialise in helping people use the Points Based System (PBS) to attain visas in the following categories:
Tier 1: Entrepreneurs and investors

• Tier 2: Sponsored skilled workers, ministers of religion and sports people

• Tier 4: Students
We have considerable experience helping people from Lebanon, Iran and Nigeria use the Tier 1 entrepreneurial/investor visa program to invest or set up businesses in the United Kingdom.

Visit Visas and Family-Based Immigration

We also assist those seeking to enter the U.K. through general and family visas, including visit visas, marriage visas and fiancé visas. Other family-based immigration options include:
• Spouses and fiancés: Visas and immigration options are available to spouses and fiancés of U.K. citizens and those who are already temporarily or permanently in the U.K.

• Children: U.K. citizens and those with temporary or permanent residency may bring their nonresident children to the U.K.

• Elderly dependant relatives: Parents, grandparents and other elderly family members

The Immigration Process

Our U.K. immigration solicitors will guide you through the visa application process, ensuring all of the documents required for your visa are complete and accurate.
No matter which visa you are applying for, our solicitors have the experience, knowledge and resources to assist you. We are deeply familiar with employment- and family-based immigration in England, and we pride ourselves on our quality of work and a high success rate.
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To review the processing times for individual visas and for more information about the immigration process, visit the UK Visas and Immigration website, which can be found on our page of useful links.
Call 0808 129 5753 to schedule a consultation with one of our expert U.K. immigration solicitors. For urgent matters out of hours, please contact us by email for a prompt response.