Visa Assistance Outside U.K

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U.K. Solicitors for Visa Assistance

At Oaks Solicitors, we offer visa application assistance for U.K. citizens and other nationals wishing to travel to and temporarily stay in other countries such as Australia, the United States, Canada and Europe.

Efficient Visa Services

Our experienced U.K. visa assistance solicitors recognize the urgency that often accompanies the visa application process. You may be waiting on approval before you can move to Canada or America to accept a new job. If you are engaged to Ix:CV be married, you are likely to wish to join your fiance(e) in his or her home country as soon as possible.
Our expert immigration solicitors have in-depth
familiarity with the visa application process in many countries. We will facilitate your visa application in an efficient manner, keeping a high degree of contact with you at all times.

London Solicitors for Family- and Employment-Based Immigration

Most countries classify visas into family-based immigration or employment-based immigration. Additional categories of visas include student visas and visitor visas. From this point, there may be numerous specific types of visas available to you, depending on the nature of your unique purpose of travelling to the country of your choice.
At Oaks Solicitors we often undertake international work electronically. However, if requested, we are happy to travel to meet with clients in their home countries.
Call 0808 129 5753 to schedule a consultation with one of our expert U.K. visa assistance solicitors. For urgent matters out of hours, please contact us by email for a prompt response.