On 10 October 2011, UK Visas & Immigration released a new statement of changes to the Immigration Rules.

Here is a brief summary of some of the changes which aim to implement the new application process and implement the next phase of the EU Settlement Scheme:

New Application Process

The new Rules provide for the new online application process for in-country applicants. The aim is for the application process to be ‘”digitised” and “stream-lined” whereby most applicants will be able to apply online and scan their supporting documents to the online platform. The Rules set out the requirements for making a valid application under the new process in  relation to the applicant making an appointment to enrol their biometrics in person and where necessary, submitting the required documents in support of their application.

Applicants will also no longer be required to submit two passport-sized photographs.

The paper application process will remain in place for applications that cannot be made online.